Winning the Lottery vs. Finding your Soulmate

Winning the lottery, or finding your soulmate – which would you choose? Obviously, both are pretty appealing options, but as a lottery website we are naturally a little bit biased ;). Here are ten good reasons why winning the lottery is even better than finding your soul mate…

10) Who needs a soulmate when you can have loads of beloved pals?

The problem with having a soulmate – in general – is that you can easily lose sight of all the other important people in your life. A healthy bunch of great friends beats one object of obsession.

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9) You’ll never fall out with your lottery jackpot

Soulmates can be hard work. Your lottery millions, meanwhile, will always be on board with your plans!

8) Winning the lottery lets you help out ALL of your friends and family

Everyone fantasises about what they might do for their friends and family with a lottery win. Imagine all the fun and maybe even life-changing gifts you could buy your dear ones!


7) Winning a lottery jackpot is way more special

Plenty of people would say they have a soulmate, but the lottery jackpot winners club is far more exclusive!

6) A soulmate is way more responsibility

It’s generally considered a wonderful thing to have a soulmate – but it’s a lot of work too! Just stick your lottery jackpot in the bank and let your interest rate do the rest.

5) Yachts

4) This pearl of wisdom from a giant of French literature:

“Money may not buy happiness, but I’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus.” – Francoise Sagan

3) With a lottery jackpot, you can do anything!

The especially amazing thing about winning a lottery jackpot would be the newfound possibility of doing just about anything you want, from following your business dreams to becoming one of the first ever space tourists!

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2) Winning the lottery = an easy life forever

A soulmate is someone to share your worries with. A jackpot win is a reason never to worry again.

1) There’s no reason why you can’t do both!

Of course, the biggest winners of them all win the jackpot and find that special someone. If you’re reading this: lucky you!


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