Try these Top Tips to Win More Lottery Prizes

Did you know that you can significantly raise your chances of winning lottery prizes by changing just a few things about the way you play? Sure, there’s no certain way to hit the jackpot, but there certainly are ways to bring that dream significantly closer to becoming a reality. Try out these simple methods to multiply your chances of winning more lottery prizes:

1) Start a syndicate

Whether you choose to partner with friends, family or colleagues, starting a lottery syndicate is a tremendous way to improve your chances of becoming a lotto millionaire. In a syndicate, all members buy the same amount of unique tickets – whether that’s one or a dozen – which are then pooled. If any ticket wins a prize, the winnings are shared between the players. If you consider the utterly vast scale of today’s lotto prizes, this seems like a particularly smart way to enjoy a greatly improved chance of winning a life-changing sum of money. Even a syndicate of 100 players could win a fantastic 100.000 EUR each if just one of their tickets bagged a 10 million EUR jackpot.


2) Random numbers win more often

We’ll get straight to the point: random numbers win more often than hand-picked numbers! Recent research into lottery results found that a whopping 53% of jackpot wins come as the result of a completely random number combination, whilst only 11% of winning lines are made up exclusively of ‘lucky’ numbers such as birthday dates or house numbers. The facts are startling clear: the majority of big winners pick random numbers!


3) Stick with EuroJackpot!

If you’re already a EuroJackpot player, stick with it; and if you’re not, consider switching to this great European lotto – it offers the best odds of a major win. The explanation behind this claim is quite simple: there are fewer numbers in the draw than you’d find in a EuroMillions draw (or any other world-leading lotto), which naturally means the numbers you choose have a calculably better chance of being called. Playing EuroJackpot rather than other lotteries would probably be the very best advice any lotto expert could offer to a player seeking a big win.


4) Keep up with the latest lotto news

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that the vast majority of players would rather win a jackpot fund worth 50 million EUR than one worth 10 million EUR or any other lower figure. If this decidedly logical rule applies to you, then you should focus your betting on the bigger draws – buy a few extra tickets for the most high profile draws of your favourite lotto to multiply your chance of bagging an extraordinary jackpot amongst extraordinary jackpots, le crème de la crème! Keep up with the latest lotto news to find out when you need to place those extra bets.

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