How to Play Online Lotto Safely

It’s easy to play online lotto safely, so long as you follow a few simple but important steps. Here are our top tips on how to stay secure on your digital quest for a life-changing jackpot win:

Find a lottery site you can trust

Without a shadow of a doubt, this would have to be our most important piece of advice for any new online lottery player. Much as you wouldn’t buy a physical lotto ticket from an untrustworthy vendor on the street, you should never place a lotto bet through a disreputable provider online. It’s harder to make judgements of this sort in the virtual world, but luckily for you, there are plenty of trusted sites listed on our reviews page. If you’d like to explore further, head over to to take a look at their informed and impartial reviews of leading online lotto sites.

Use an encrypted site

Once you’ve created a user account with an online lottery operator, you should start to see a padlock symbol at the left hand side of the address bar when you log-in to their site through your browser. That little padlock means the site has been granted an SSL Certificate – an official acknowledgement that its data is protected from hacking through the process of encryption. To put it simply, it means the personal information you upload to the site is safe. Some lotto sites with SSL certification are listed on our homepage.

Spending on digital platforms is still spending

You’re entitled to buy as many lotto tickets as you want online – after all, you’re only going to improve your chances of a win! Having said that, we feel it’s worth pointing out that for some consumers, spending online can seem less real than making a purchase in a physical shop. This can be dangerous. By all means buy large numbers of lotto tickets when you play online, if that’s what you would do in your local shop.

Read the small print

Head over to the Terms & Conditions page on your chosen lotto provider’s site to find out the exact nature of the site’s rules, regulations and services – these will differ from site to site, so it’s always a good idea to check.

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