Understand the EuroJackpot winning Odds & Prize Structure

A smart lotto player knows his chances of winning. The EuroJackpot prize structure includes 12 prize denominations. Ranging in value from a minimum payout of € 8,30 for a 2+1 match up to the maximum jackpot prize of €90.000.000, awarded to players who match all 5 regular numbers plus 2 Euro Numbers.

EuroJackpot’s prize structure rewards players who match a variety of combinations of regular and Euro Numbers. All you have to do is to get any three numbers right and you’ll win a prize.

What can I win and what are my chances?

The generous odds and prize structure of EuroJackpot makes it lotto player’s game of choice. The chance of hitting the jackpot is almost twice as high as the chance of getting the top prize in many other leading lotteries. On the other side, the lowest prize available is also of a high value.

Main numbers Euro numbers Odds of winning
5 2 1:95.344.200
5 1 1:5.959.013
5 0 1:3.405.150
4 2 1:423.752
4 1 1:26.485
4 0 1:15.134
3 2 1:9.631
2 2 1:672
3 1 1:602
3 0 1:344
1 2 1:128
2 1 1:42

How does EuroJackpot’s prize structure compare to rival lotteries?

At the top of our EuroJackpot prize structure table, if you compare the one chance against 95.344.200 of  hitting the jackpot at EuroJackpot (correct from October 2014 onwards) with the winning odd of 1:116.531.800 for EuroMillions or if you compare it with the winning odds of Powerball *(1:292.201.338), and 1:258.890.850 for MegaMillions, you will find Eurojackpot is the most interesting.

The message is clear: if you want to win big, EuroJackpot is the lottery that is likeliest to deliver the dream.

Did the EuroJackpot prize structure change?

In October 2014 the EuroJackpot prize structure and game rules were tweaked to deliver bigger jackpots. The frequency of winning lower prize for a greater number of players has been increased. It reflects this way, a wider trend in the global lottery industry.
This made jackpots tougher to win, but EuroJackpot remains the most winnable of the world’s premier lotteries. The lottery professionals behind it believe that they have found the sweet spot between attractive jackpots and beatable odds. There are no indications of further changes to be made to the EuroJackpot prize structure and rules in the near future.