More Countries Set on Joining the EuroJackpot

The EuroJackpot lottery is set to have some new members to compliment the existing European nations already participating in this exciting new game. Originally the plan was to emulate the EuroMillions by having 9 nations partake in the game, however it’s first two draws have only involved Germany, The Netherlands, Estonia, Slovenia, Finland and Denmark. So far the jackpot has yet to be won and this Friday will be for €12,000,000.

The Monopolies Commission in Rome has published the prize draw regulations for the game to be played in Italy and now players there await the final decision that will put the game for sale in the country. As agreed upon in September 2011 the following countries are also planning to get in on the EuroJackpot, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

EuroJackpot tickets

Within a few months a full 10 countries will be selling the EuroJackpot tickets. Then we will be fully able to judge the success of the game as with more players come higher rollover jackpots as well as a lot more cash prize winners. The EuroJackpot may have started a little slower than expected but as more countries join it will pick up speed, and jackpot value.

Right now though tickets are available online so that anyone in the world may win EuroJackpot prizes, just click here to pick your numbers for Friday’s €12,000,000 jackpot draw.

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