How One Finnish EuroJackpot Syndicate Became €57 Million Richer

A phenomenally lucky 10-strong Finnish EuroJackpot syndicate hit the headlines on April 4th 2014, by landing a massive EuroJackpot prize of €57,275,841.60. At the time this was the biggest jackpot ever paid out by the up-and-coming lotto. The syndicate members – all steel industry workers from the small town of Toijala in western Finland – each received a life-changing sum of over €5.7 million. We can only assume they all continue to enjoy a life of luxury to this day!

For other lotto players, this is the million Euro question: what were the secrets to this Finnish EuroJackpot syndicate’s success?

Pick the right lottery

Perhaps the most significant of the Finnish syndicate’s smart moves was choosing the major lottery draw that offers that best odds on a major prize win: EuroJackpot. With world-leading odds of 1 in 95,344,200 on a jackpot payout, this game stands head-and-shoulders above leading rivals including EuroMillions and Germany’s Lotto 6/49. As one of the founding EuroJackpot nations, Finland is home to a considerable number of regular players – in the earliest days of the draw (which launched back in 2012), the support of Scandinavian players was crucial to the lottery’s growth.


Hunt as a pack

If you want to play lotto smart, play as part of a syndicate. To most rational players, a remote chance of a €57 million win does not compare with a ten times greater chance of winning €5.7 million – once you’ve spent that first few million Euros, what are you going to do with the rest of that money anyway? There are lottery syndicates of all shapes and sizes, from workplace pacts to streamlined online models, optimised by lotto industry experts to offer players the very best chance of winning big.


Enter the biggest draws

Our group of Finnish millionaires didn’t just play the right lottery in the smartest manner – they picked a great draw to enter too! Only a handful of EuroJackpot draws have surpassed the €57 million mark to date; one notable exception was May 2015 draw in which the €90 million maximum jackpot prize was dished out to one astonishingly lucky player. If you’re a regular EuroJackpot entrant, why not buy yourself another line on those big occasion, multiple rollover Friday nights to double your chances of winning at that crucial moment?

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