How to WIN EuroJackpot Prizes

Do you love playing EuroJackpot but want to win more prizes? There’s no magic solution, but there are some proven ways to boost your chances of taking home more money, more often. These tips will on how to win EuroJackpot prizes will help you boost your chances of success:

A ticket in every draw

Some players only like to play EuroJackpot when the jackpot is really high, but the fact that this lottery features a minimum jackpot level means that there’s always an unbelievably huge prize to play for. Take advantage of EuroJackpot’s superior odds by getting a ticket in the draw every Friday – a weekly player is four times likelier to get rich than a monthly dabbler.

Play with random numbers

This nugget of wisdom has already caught on with many lottery players, but we thought we’d share it with you once again, just in case it has passed you by. The reason why random numbers beat ‘hand-picked’ numbers is simple – a random machine process is less likely to pick the same numbers as another player than a human is, which means a win with random numbers is likelier to deliver a full share of the prize kitty.

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The power of intuition?

If that previous point sounds a bit too cold and calculating for your liking, you could always look at the more esoteric side of lotteries and chance. There’s no way to prove or disprove whether there’s more to chance than simple probability, but there are many stories that back up the notion that there really is some luck underpinning certain wins, from prophetic dreams to unbelievably unlikely ‘lightning strikes twice’ double winners.

Divide your share to slash the odds

One method of going for lotto gold that no-one can dispute is buddying up with a syndicate of players and pooling your tickets. Sure, you have to share your winnings with other players if you’re the winner, but you also get a share of their cash if their ticket wins. If you’re playing as part of a syndicate of ten players in EuroJackpot and one of your tickets is the only jackpot winner, you’ll never win less than € 1 million!

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