EuroMillions vs EuroJackpot

Since being established in 2004 and 2012 respectively, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot have gained acclaim worldwide for their particular, exciting brand of huge jackpots, big prizes and surprisingly sound chances of winning. What, then, are the subtle differences between these two banknote behemoths? Which draw fits your style of play?

Let’s begin with the similarities

The two draws are conducted following a similar format; players have to match the numbers of 5 balls (out of 50) and try their luck at picking 2 extra special balls to attain the really big prizes. EuroJackpot balls are numbered 1 to 8, whilst EuroMillions balls are labelled 1 to 11, meaning EuroJackpot players have a very slight advantage in odds over their EuroMillions brethren. Both draws take place on Friday evenings, albeit an hour apart, so don’t worry if you fancy doubling your chances and having a go at both, it’ll be a tense but exhilarating evening!

Now here’s the differences

Firstly, EuroMillions takes place in the west of the EU (UK, France, Spain, Portugal etc), whilst EuroJackpot is a more central European affair (Germany, Italy, Scandinavia etc); this means you cannot play EuroJackpot in the UK unless you play online at a site like, so make sure you get logged in!

When it comes to jackpots

Secondly, when it comes to jackpots, EuroMillions beats EuroJackpot hands down; 190 million Euro to ‘jackpot’s 90 million Euro; making EuroMillions the pick for players who love the chance of winning seriously big money, the likes of which could net winners a dozen private islands (!). When it comes to the minimum jackpot amount, however, it’s a very close race between the two; EuroMillions’ 15 million Euro to EuroJackpot’s 10 million Euro, so for consistent gamers, either draw is a great choice. It’s worth mentioning that EuroMillions has 13 tiers of prizes compared to EuroJackpot’s 12, so players of the latter might have a very slight advantage in getting more money compared to the former.


EuroJackpot players have around a 1 in 59,000,000 chance of winning whilst EuroMillions lovers have about a 1 in 116,000,000 chance; this may seem like a huge difference, but when it comes to these huge odds, differences regarding chances pale in comparison to the gigantic prizes on offer!

A winner could be plucked (much like those glistening, spherical, numbered balls) and raised up to the dizzying heights of millionaire stardom at any moment. Play this week and test your mettle!

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