Top 3 Amazing EuroJackpot Winners’ Stories

EuroJackpot turned four years old this March – and what a four years it has been! Having started in obscurity, this fantastic game has grown to become one of the world’s premier lotteries, with a vast global following and a string of national jackpot records to its name. Of all the amazing EuroJackpot winners’ stories we’ve seen so far, these three would have to go down as our favourites…

The biggest EuroJackpot win ever

How could we talk about incredible EuroJackpot winning stories without mentioning the biggest EuroJackpot win ever!? The greatest moment in this bright young lottery’s history to date came in May 2015, when a player in the Czech Republic bagged the EuroJackpot maximum jackpot – a staggering € 90 million. Unfortunately for us, the prize’s seemingly reluctant recipient has chosen to remain anonymous, so we only have a few scraps of information on his identity to work with. We know he’s male, Czech and middle-aged… and we know that as of last year, he is absolutely filthy stinking rich!

A record win for ten Finns

Playing lottery as part of a syndicate is a smart strategy, as ten lucky steelworkers from the town of Toijala, Finland discovered to their immense benefit on March 4th 2014. The group got one of their ten tickets just right, and resultantly won the biggest EuroJackpot draw ever held up until that point in time. The winners took home € 5.7 million each from a grand total of € 57.3 million. “I hope the guys come to work on Monday,” their boss wryly remarked in the aftermath of the win. Somehow we’re not so sure…


Germany’s birthday present to EuroJackpot

What better way to celebrate a birthday than by smashing a national record in one of the continent’s mightiest countries? That’s exactly what EuroJackpot achieved on its fourth anniversary this March, by delivering a stunning € 76 million jackpot win to a stupendously lucky player in the North Rhine-Westphalia region of Germany. The payout goes down as the biggest lottery win ever to take place in Germany, and the second highest in EuroJackpot’s precocious story so far.

EuroJackpot just keeps on producing these fantastic stories. Who knows, maybe we’ll see another maximum jackpot payout in 2016…

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