Top 8 Tips How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Top 8 Tips How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Win or lose, we always love the thrill of the chase whenever we place a lotto bet. Having said that, we do have a particularly good time when we’re winning, and most players would agree that their best lottery experiences come about when they get in amongst the prizes. Follow these eight simple steps, and you’ll almost certainly increase your chances of winning the lottery prizes that can sometimes prove to be elusive:

1. Randomly selected numbers

When we choose our own lottery numbers, we make our selections based on a complex array of factors – lucky numbers, special dates from 1 to 31, avoidance of the unlucky number 13, and so on. Consider the fact that many other players will be making their own selections in a similar way. This means that player-selected numbers have an increased likelihood of being chosen by multiple players.

2. Join a syndicate

The wolf outhunts the solitary mountain lion by operating as part of a pack. Pay heed to nature’s lessons and slash your odds on a big prize win by joining a lottery syndicate!


3. Boost your balls

Have you heard of PlayEuroLotto’s fantastic Boosterball feature? Activate the Boosterball function by clicking the icon that appears after you’ve picked your numbers for any of our draws and move the slider to massively increase the likelihood of a prize win!Boost your balls

4. Bet a little more

If you want to win more lottery prizes, we would cautiously urge you to take the simple step of betting a little more. Of course you don’t want to spend a large share of your weekly budget on lotto tickets, but why not see this as an opportunity to divert funds from something you want to stop doing – maybe smoking cigarettes or buying too many take-outs – into a fun activity that might even make you rich?

5. Consult the guru

This guy has won the lottery SEVEN TIMES! Heed his words of wisdom.

6. Play the numbers game

Some lotto players are staunchly of the opinion that any set of lottery numbers is just as likely to be drawn as any other. Others meanwhile, point to higher incidences of certain numbers being drawn in certain draws. If you truly believe in lucky numbers, research the most commonly drawn digits in your chosen lotto.

7. Go for the best odds

The best piece of advice we could ever give our lotto players is this: aim for where the best odds are found if you want to win more often. You can find the odds for each of our lotteries on their respective number picker pages.

8. Play regularly

Commit to weekly play to ensure you have a good chance of a big win.