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Jackpot: 18 Million Euro
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Eurojackpot Results
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The latest Euro Jackpot results are published every Friday evening after the draw. The draws will be held in Helsinki, Finland. The results from the Eurojackpot lottery will no doubt be broadcast live in each of the 6 member states, and it may also appear in their mainstream media -print etc. The 6 member states that will broadcast live results are Germany, Netherlands, Estonia, Denmark, Italy, Slovenia and of course Finland where the draws are being held.

The Euro Jackpot results will of course be published online within minutes of their live draw. So make sure once you've bought your ticket to check your numbers on Friday evening at our Eurojackpot site. The results of each draw could bring you much in the way of cash prizes. Just like many other lottery games the Euro Jackpot is being set up to offer extra cash to winners outside of just the jackpot.

In fact there will be a total of 12 different prize categories corresponding to how few or many numbers you successfully match with the drawn numbers. Naturally there are different probabilities of winning in each tier and different cash prizes, the harder the odds are to beat the more cash you'll win however. First things first the jackpot prize will always be a minimum of €10,000,000 which can rollover several times but will be stopped when it rolls as high as €90,000,000.

Interested in the other 11 prizes you could win? So far we don't have more precise numbers on the cash value of each prize. All we can give you is the odds of winning each prize, and tell you that the organisers of this game estimate approximately 50 million players each week.