Top 8 Tips How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Top 8 Tips How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Win or lose, we always love the thrill of the chase whenever we place a lotto bet. Having said that, we do have a particularly good time when we’re winning, and most players would agree that their best lottery experiences come about when they get in amongst the prizes. Follow these eight simple steps, and you’ll almost certainly increase your chances of winning the lottery prizes that can sometimes prove to be elusive:

1. Randomly selected numbers

When we choose our own lottery numbers, we make our selections based on a complex array of factors – lucky numbers, special dates from 1 to 31, avoidance of the unlucky number 13, and so on. Consider the fact that many other players will be making their own selections in a similar way. This means that player-selected numbers have an increased likelihood of being chosen by multiple players.

2. Join a syndicate

The wolf outhunts the solitary mountain lion by operating as part of a pack. Pay heed to nature’s lessons and slash your odds on a big prize win by joining a lottery syndicate!


3. Boost your balls

Have you heard of PlayEuroLotto’s fantastic Boosterball feature? Activate the Boosterball function by clicking the icon that appears after you’ve picked your numbers for any of our draws and move the slider to massively increase the likelihood of a prize win!Boost your balls

4. Bet a little more

If you want to win more lottery prizes, we would cautiously urge you to take the simple step of betting a little more. Of course you don’t want to spend a large share of your weekly budget on lotto tickets, but why not see this as an opportunity to divert funds from something you want to stop doing – maybe smoking cigarettes or buying too many take-outs – into a fun activity that might even make you rich?

5. Consult the guru

This guy has won the lottery SEVEN TIMES! Heed his words of wisdom.

6. Play the numbers game

Some lotto players are staunchly of the opinion that any set of lottery numbers is just as likely to be drawn as any other. Others meanwhile, point to higher incidences of certain numbers being drawn in certain draws. If you truly believe in lucky numbers, research the most commonly drawn digits in your chosen lotto.

7. Go for the best odds

The best piece of advice we could ever give our lotto players is this: aim for where the best odds are found if you want to win more often. You can find the odds for each of our lotteries on their respective number picker pages.

8. Play regularly

Commit to weekly play to ensure you have a good chance of a big win.

5 Reasons Why Women tend to be Better Lotto Players

5 Reasons Why Women tend to be Better Lotto Players

If, like us, you have worked in the lotto industry for a number of years, you’re likely to have noticed a curious phenomenon: women tend to make better lotto players than men! Of course every man and woman is different – some women are awful at playing lotto and certain men have a real knack for it – but the numbers don’t lie, women are the game’s biggest winners. Let’s consider some of the traits which could account for womankind’s pre-eminence in the lotto world.

#1. Dreams

The contrast between the daydreams of men and women is stark and revealing. Whereas men’s daydreams are statistically likelier to have their basis in an obsession with physical prowess and explicit sexuality, women’s daydreams are more varied, with a greater focus on material possessions such as clothes and homeware. It is for precisely this reason that many women are likely to invest more of their energy into winning the lottery – there’s a material dream to finance!

#2. Consistent use of the same numbers

One notable trait amongst female lotto players is a tendency to stick more rigidly to a set – or multiple sets – of numbers every week. Using the same set of numbers repeatedly is widely regarded as a great way to beat the lotto odds.

#3. Persistence

Women are strong, unflappable and persistent in their pursuit of what they want in life. Winning the lottery generally requires a great deal of persistence over a number of years – we certainly think we’d trust most women to stay the course more resiliently than the average man!

#4. Remember dates

Ladies have a world-famous knack for remembering the little things, from the jumper you were wearing all 7 months ago at such-and-such-a-place to the birthdays of their friends and family. The benefit of this trait is two-fold: firstly, if you’re a girl you are less likely to forget the lucky dates you intend to enter into a draw, and secondly, you’re less likely to forget to enter in the first place!

#5. Intuition

‘Women’s intuition’ is one of humanity’s enduring mysteries – so esoteric as to draw ridicule from certain quarters, but resolutely backed up by evidence stretching the entire length of recorded history. Sometimes, for whatever reason, women just know, and that’s undoubtedly going to be a helpful quality when it comes to picking your lottery numbers!

Euro Combi Syndicate: Increase Your Chances to Win!

Euro Combi Syndicate: Increase Your Chances to Win!

Joining a syndicate is a super-smart, utterly intriguing way to play lotto. According to a leading national lotto, this betting method provides roughly one in every four jackpot wins, and you can now join in the syndicate action online with PlayEuroLotto’s fantastic syndicate offers.

For those of you who don’t know what syndicate play is, check out our in-depth feature here. Got it? Good! Now join us as we shine a spotlight on the first of our terrific trio of syndicate set-ups, the Euro Combi!

Meet the Euro Combi syndicate!

We’ve brought together the twin titans of European multinational lottery, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, in this unique syndicate set-up. Join this syndicate for as little as € 9,90 per week and you’ll stand to win a share of any winnings brought in by a whopping 155 unique lotto lines; that’s 110 across two EuroMillions draws and 45 in the Friday night EuroJackpot draw.

All about EuroMillions and EuroJackpot

EuroMillions and EuroJackpot rightly stand as two of the world’s most widely played, widely admired lottery games. The former, EuroMillions, met with instant acclaim when it launched across France, Spain and the UK in 2004, and has since gone on to spread to many other countries, paying out some of the biggest jackpot wins Europe has ever seen in the process, including an unbelievable record jackpot prize of € 189.000.000.

EuroMillions may still be the big shot of European lotto, but relative newcomer EuroJackpot is catching up fast, with prizes to date ranging up to € 61.000.000, and game mechanics that make this lotto that little bit easier to win. The good odds on winning a EuroJackpot prize are precisely the reason why this lottery makes a great partner for EuroMillions in the Euro Combi – you get that great chance of a smaller yet still substantial win to go along with that big money EuroMillions dream.

How to play straight away

Making the arrangements for a lottery syndicate on this scale is a complex process, but you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve done all that legwork for you! Just head over to our Euro Combi syndicate page, click ‘Find out more’ and follow the simple on-screen instructions to place yourself in pole position for a major European jackpot win.

It’s Official: Using Random Numbers Leads to Bigger Wins!

It’s Official: Using Random Numbers Leads to Bigger Wins!

When we choose our own lottery numbers, we make our selections based on a complex array of factors – lucky numbers, special dates, numbers that feel right to us in some intangible way, amongst countless others. A lot can be said for this method – there’s something quite special about the thought of the numbers which have defined your life combining to create the code that wins you a jackpot – but unfortunately, the stats show that playing lotto in this way could actually lose you money.

Allow us to explain. When a lotto player enters a draw using numbers which hold a special meaning to them, they are likely to do so without considering the fact that many other lottery players in the draw will be making their own selections in a similar way – numbers based on special dates from 1 to 31, avoidance of the unlucky number 13, and so on. This means that player-selected numbers have an increased likelihood of being chosen by multiple players.

Randomly selected numbers

Randomly selected numbers do not fall prey to the same pitfall; with no cultural biases in the selection process, no set of numbers is any likelier to be picked than any other. For the lottery player who uses randomly selected numbers and wins a big prize, this means a decreased likelihood of sharing the prize fund with other players; a distinction which could mean that their lottery win makes them several times richer. Sharing is a wonderful thing, and any decent-hearted lottery winner will surely hand out a number of cash gifts to friends and family – but you don’t want to be sharing out that precious prize money with other winning players.

Your next lottery bet

For those of you who would like to try out random numbers in your next lottery bet, we’re happy to say it’s easy as pie to fill in your lotto lines with randomly generated numbers using online interface. All you have to do is click the ‘Randomize line’ icon – depicting two crossing arrows and positioned in the bottom-left of each number card – on the number picker page for any lotto, and your line will instantly be generated. For the lotto player with a penchant for the exclusive, there’s no smarter policy than playing with random numbers!

EuroMillions vs EuroJackpot

EuroMillions vs EuroJackpot

Since being established in 2004 and 2012 respectively, EuroMillions and EuroJackpot have gained acclaim worldwide for their particular, exciting brand of huge jackpots, big prizes and surprisingly sound chances of winning. What, then, are the subtle differences between these two banknote behemoths? Which draw fits your style of play?

Let’s begin with the similarities

The two draws are conducted following a similar format; players have to match the numbers of 5 balls (out of 50) and try their luck at picking 2 extra special balls to attain the really big prizes. EuroJackpot balls are numbered 1 to 8, whilst EuroMillions balls are labelled 1 to 11, meaning EuroJackpot players have a very slight advantage in odds over their EuroMillions brethren. Both draws take place on Friday evenings, albeit an hour apart, so don’t worry if you fancy doubling your chances and having a go at both, it’ll be a tense but exhilarating evening!

Now here’s the differences

Firstly, EuroMillions takes place in the west of the EU (UK, France, Spain, Portugal etc), whilst EuroJackpot is a more central European affair (Germany, Italy, Scandinavia etc); this means you cannot play EuroJackpot in the UK unless you play online at a site like, so make sure you get logged in!

When it comes to jackpots

Secondly, when it comes to jackpots, EuroMillions beats EuroJackpot hands down; 190 million Euro to ‘jackpot’s 90 million Euro; making EuroMillions the pick for players who love the chance of winning seriously big money, the likes of which could net winners a dozen private islands (!). When it comes to the minimum jackpot amount, however, it’s a very close race between the two; EuroMillions’ 15 million Euro to EuroJackpot’s 10 million Euro, so for consistent gamers, either draw is a great choice. It’s worth mentioning that EuroMillions has 13 tiers of prizes compared to EuroJackpot’s 12, so players of the latter might have a very slight advantage in getting more money compared to the former.


EuroJackpot players have around a 1 in 59,000,000 chance of winning whilst EuroMillions lovers have about a 1 in 116,000,000 chance; this may seem like a huge difference, but when it comes to these huge odds, differences regarding chances pale in comparison to the gigantic prizes on offer!

A winner could be plucked (much like those glistening, spherical, numbered balls) and raised up to the dizzying heights of millionaire stardom at any moment. Play this week and test your mettle!